7 Feel-Good Gifts for Anyone with Migraine

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7 great gifts for anyone with a migraine or vestibular disorder - give them something that will make their lives a little bit easier this Mother's Day. #migraine #vestibularmigraine

Mother’s Day is a little over a week away and since I have so many good deals that are exclusive to Dizzy Cook, I thought I would share a round up of my favorite gifts for anyone with migraine or a vestibular disorder. But first, I should probably talk a little bit about my mom.

A mother and daughter hugging on a wedding day

My mom loves me so much, she’s going to be in the Philippines for Mother’s Day. On a beach with a drink in her hand. Probably not caring at all about what the heck I am doing here! She just retired so this is her first big trip to live it up. I was her miracle baby, after years of trying…before IVF was even a thing. I remember praying and praying for a little brother, not knowing that it was highly unlikely I would ever have one.

Now that I’m faced with my own fertility struggles, I can kind of understand what a big deal it was for her to have me. My mom was a Navy nurse, who spent the last 20+ years working in nearly every department for Cancer Treatment Center – from nutrition to patient education. She has such a heart for healing and helping other people, she’s the kindest woman I know. Although I didn’t pick up my cooking skills from her, she’s an awesome baker and she has given me a lot of tips for this blog from her years of expertise. Feeling sick? My mom has a supplement for that! She sat with me through my first appointment with my current neurologist and questioned him on everything when my brain could barely form a sentence.

Not to be left out is also my wonderful mother in law, who legitimately does not drive me nuts (how many people can say that?). She’s such a wonderful supporter, and was a huge help when I was originally diagnosed with VM at the Mayo. She remembers every event in all her kid’s lives and will call and check in on you if you’re ever not feeling well. Did I mention she’s an excellent cook? I’ll be putting her to work testing some of my book recipes. The fact that she would set down her Ina cookbook for a few weeks to test some of them for me is a huge deal, guys.

I’m hoping by this time next year we’ll be celebrating them both as grandmothers. I’ll admit though, it’s going to be a tough day for me to get through. These are the days I decide to take a break from social media, and I think that’s ok too. I loved watching the dynamic between Jenna Bush and Dylan Dreyer on the Today Show just a week ago. Jenna was announcing her pregnancy, while Dylan was revealing her loss and struggle with secondary infertility. And even I thought “well, at least she has one”. Then I remembered that no one can really relate to us unless we’ve been in those shoes.

It’s the same for anyone without a vestibular disorder or chronic migraine. We’re in our own little club that people can try to understand, but they never truly will. I can be happy for my mom friends while still feeling pain. Maybe I can’t really like all their baby photos or always want to be around, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care for them.

So I think this Mother’s Day we should celebrate the awesome moms who are out there, as well as the ones who wish they were. Or the ones who are happy just being dog (or cat) moms too. Or if you’re the mom to your best friends when they get too drunk at Cinco de Mayo this weekend, you count too!

I know I will certainly be treating myself to more Wine Wands.

The Wand & The Wave by Pure Wine

Two people stirring their wine with wine wands overlooking the beach

I have an upcoming post about this, but I’ve been using these ever since I saw them at the Migraine World Summit and they actually work. What makes these different is they’re the only product that removes both sulfites and histamines from the wine without adding anything to it or changing the flavor. In fact, even if you don’t have migraine, these work by restoring your wine to the original flavor even if it’s been open a few days. If you are like me and have trouble drinking certain wines, especially reds, you may want to give this a try.

10% off with code thedizzycook or available on Amazon.

Axon Options FL-41 Lenses

When my Vestibular Migraine first started, I had severe light sensitivity, Working in an open floor plan at my old office was pure torture. My neurologist recommended FL-41 lenses to me to help with the environment. I’ve been using Axon for a while now and find their lighter colored lenses perfect for working in office environments, on planes, or on the computer. They’re really light on the face and they have a variety of styles that are super cute. They carry both indoor and outdoor, and can add tint to lenses.

10% off with code dizzycook10 through May 29th

Magnesium Lotion and Bath Salts

Ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes and lotion on a white surface

Is there anything better than giving mom the gift of relaxation? I’m a fan of magnesium chloride bath salts for sore muscles and to relieve any bad attack days, but I’ve been using the MSM cream with melatonin on my neck and feet for a few months now. I think it’s really helped relax some of the tense muscles I get in my neck from traveling and dealing with VM episodes, as well as promote a deeper sleep. I prefer Ancient Minerals because I don’t find their products super itchy!

Get 20% off with code DIZZYMAG or get through Amazon. If you order over $49 you can get free shipping, so that’s where the 20% off is a better deal.

Theraspecs Lenses

I have a post coming on these soon as well with a full review. I actually find them so much different than Axon, for those who are interested. Theraspecs are darker with a very pink hue to them. Because I keep my home and devices so dimly lit, I find them beneficial for really bright big box stores and airports or spaces with lots of crowds and bright lights. My favorite style is a Audrey. They also carry both indoor and outdoor, and can add tint to lenses.

For 15% off, use code DIZZYCOOK_15 through May or order through Amazon.

Other ideas that I don’t have discounts for…


Good grief anyone with migraine could use a good massage. And not a 50 minute one, you gotta spring for the 90 minutes for mom. I find massage really helped a lot when my neck muscles would get so tense from constant VM attacks. A good therapist can also work with you on acupressure to hit trigger points. 

A Good Book

I’m pretty sure all moms like books. I have yet to meet a single mom that doesn’t. However, some of us really struggle with the mental energy it takes to do it with a migraine disorder. Then if you suffer from vestibular migraine, your eyes can get tired and have trouble focusing. In that case, maybe an Audible membership would be a great alternative.

A few books my moms and I have enjoyed:

The Last Mrs. Parrish
The Nightingale
Before We Were Yours
You Are A Badass (in case you want to remind your mom that she really is…)

A Dinner That She Doesn’t Have to Cook

Heart cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles

A migraine-friendly dinner (or breakfast) that everyone will enjoy is a lot easier than you might think. Here are some ideas.

Pear & Arugula Salad
Seared Scallops with Chive Oil
Mediterranean Baked Halibut
Cream Cheese Cookies with Cherry Frosting
Pear Clafoutis

Happy mother’s day to all the great women out there – even if your children are furry.

This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own and all products suggested are ones I personally use often. Thanks for supporting the ways I keep Dizzy Cook running fo free.


7 great gifts for anyone with a migraine or vestibular disorder - give them something that will make their lives a little bit easier this Mother's Day. #migraine #vestibularmigraine

Alicia was diagnosed with Chronic Vestibular Migraine in 2016 and has been able to successfully manage her symptoms through medication, supplements, lifestyle changes, and the Heal Your Headache Diet by Dr. David Buchholz from Johns Hopkins. She's the owner of The Dizzy Cook.


  1. Pat Fabian

    What supplements help you?


    1. Alicia

      Hey Pat – I recommend reading these two blog posts!

      Dizzy Cook FAQ
      Natural Migraine Treatments


  2. Nicole

    What a great post! I have chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. Love love ancient minerals! I have been thinking lately about making diet changes myself- having been careful to note what food triggers me. I look forward to reading more from your blog. Btw, I am sorry to read about your struggle with Infertility. It certainly is painful. I hope that you will be celebrating mother’s day as a mother soon.


    1. Alicia

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Nicole. It really made my day!


  3. Sara sudbeck

    I’ve suffered for several years with vertigo and balance issues. I also have migraines. One doctor suggested that I may have vestibular migraines but he did not give me a treatment plan. I am going to order the supplements that you have listed now and start taking them. When I read your blog, I thought someone else understands what o feel like. I was so happy to find your blog. I would welcome anymore information.
    Sara Sudbeck


    1. Alicia

      Hey Sara, I’m so sorry to hear you have suffered so long. I have a really informative post on what to do to get started if you think you have VM – The VM Guide for Dummies. It may help you out a little bit more on where to start and some other resources for you like VEDA!


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