Resources for Vestibular Migraine

The Dizzy Cook’s Library of Resources (join email list for password)

Migraine Diet

The Heal Your Headache Book (to order)
Johns Hopkins Migraine Patient Handout
Foods Allowed on the Heal Your Headache Migraine Diet
What is the HYH Diet
Low Tyramine Diet
Migraine Prevention Diet from Johns Hopkins
Dr. Buchholz Answers Migraine Questions
Hidden Names for MSG
My Pantry Staples
Vegetarian Migraine Diet Tips
Caffeine-Free Coffee Replacements
Eating Out on a Migraine Diet
Interview with Dizzy & Vertigo Clinic on Migraine Diets and How to Cook with a Vestibular Disorder

Leading Info on Migraine

Migraine World Summit – a yearly conference with new insights into migraine research.
Dizziness and Balance – Dr Timothy Hain’s research on vestibular migraine and vestibular disorders.

The Dizzy Cook on Other Sites

True Kaylaisms and The Dizzy Cook
My Interview with Carrie from Clean Eating Kitchen
Interview with Claire from Through The Fibro Fog
THE DIZZY COOKBOOK – Coming February 2020!
Vestibular Migraine (MAV) More Than a Headache – Migraine Strong
Living with Chronic Vestibular Migraine – Migraine Strong

The Dizzy Cook on Migraine Again

MSG-Free Beef with Broccoli
Pear Ginger Smoothie
Non Alcoholic Holiday Drinks for Pain Free Celebrating
How to Find the Right Magnesium Supplements for Migraine

Migraine & Travel

Traveling with Migraine Tips & Tricks


Is Magnesium Threonate Worth It? Results from Our 2 Month Test
Natural Migraine Treatments
What Magnesium is Best for Migraine?

Preventative Resources

Migraine Prevention Flow Chart from Chicago Dizziness Clinic
Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) Research from The Chicago Dizziness Clinic’s Timothy Hain
How to Know If You Have Vertigo
Use of Beta Blocker Ophthalmic Solution for Treatment of Migraine
How To Find The Best Treatment

Life Topics

Migraine & Sex – How to Manage Your Triggers

Vestibular Therapy

Yoga Poses for Vestibular Disorders and Migraine
Balance Awareness Week Sept 16-20th 2018
Steps 2 Balance May 12-20th 2018
Learn about VRT from
Vestibular Home Therapy
Balance Retraining
What I Did To Get My Balance Back
Movement with Migraine – great for exercise resources!

Migraine Sites & Advocacy Opportunities

American Migraine Foundation (AMF)
Migraine Again
Miles for Migraine
Migraine Strong
My Chronic Brain

My Favorite Migraine Groups

The Dizzy Cook Recipe Chat – a new group where we can discuss recipes and any modifications to them. A good place to share what you’ve been making with others!

Migraine Strong (can follow on FB and Instagram) – extremely helpful with knowledgable moderators and positive vibes. More information about preventative meds and other migraine diets like Keto and Charleston. You can submit product photos here to ask group members if it is “HYH” safe. Don’t forget to visit the Migraine Strong website!

Vestibular Migraine Community (on FB) – I like this group to hear more about what others are experiencing, specifically with VM. It isn’t as motivating as Migraine Strong, but there are lots of positives when it comes to learning more about VM.

Vestibular Disorder Support Group (on FB) – Founded by VEDA members, you’ll get a ton of helpful information as well as general support for all vestibular disorders like Menieres, Vestibular Migraine, etc.

MVertigo – An online forum that allows you to discuss vestibular migraine and other vestibular disorder topics anonymously. Great if you don’t have or want to use Facebook!

MigraineBuds (on FB and Instagram) – Lots of posts about using CBD and medical marijuana for migraines. I unfortunately don’t live in a legal state, but there is helpful info about legal CBD hemp oil there as well.

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