Slow Cooker

Pork Shoulder

Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder Shallots and garlic along with wonderful spices make this crock-pot pulled pork perfect for parties!

KEY Ingredients

Pork Shoulder | Shallots | Garlic Brown Sugar | Chili Powder Salt | Cumin | Cinnamon | Broth

Place shallots and garlic at the bottom of your slow cooker. If your pork is wrapped in twine, remove the twine/netting. Place pork on top of shallots and garlic in the slow cooker and add the broth.


Combine spices in a small bowl and rub onto pork. Cover and cook 7-10 hours on low. My 4lb pork shoulder took about 8 hours on low.

Remove any fat that's accumulated on the top and pull apart pork with two forks until shredded. It should shred very easily if done.

If you want to remove the pork and then reduce the sauce in a separate pan you can. I usually just shred mine in the accumulated juices and serve.


I just made this tonight and IT WAS AMAZING! The BBQ sauce was delicious. Had this on cassava taco shells with goat cheese, black beans, and chopped cabbage. SO GOOD!


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