This Chicken Wellington makes a fantastic holiday meal that is also really affordable. With flaky puff pastry, a simple duxelle combination of mushrooms and shallots, and a creamy dijon sauce. It's a delicious puff pastry chicken.

KEY Ingredients

Mushrooms | Chicken Breast Salt & Pepper | Olive Oil  Shallots | Thyme | Garlic Puff Pastry | Dijon | Eggs Butter | Broth | Cream 

Slice chicken breasts in half. Then sear in hot pan for about 2 minutes on each side, just till golden brown.  The chicken does not need to be cooked through. Remove them and set aside.


Pulse the mushrooms in a food processor until very small. Add olive oil & butter to the pan. Add in the mushrooms, shallot, & garlic, stirring often - about 5-6 minutes.

Lightly coat the puff pastry with flour and use a rolling pin to roll it to about an 11 inch square. Cut into 4 equal squares and set on a prepared baking sheet.

Spread mushroom mixture in the center of each square, add chicken then top with dijon.  Place pastry over top and seal edges.  Chill , then brush with egg and bake at 400° for 45 min.  Cover with dijon sauce.


This was SO delicious and easy to make! It was much more flavorful than I expected. Can't wait to try out more recipes!


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